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Started recording pretty much right away when work got out.

Was able to get a song to where I think the record is going to end up, still some tweaking to be done but I think this is the direction the album will take. Looking forward to getting some more done tomorrow.

Thought I would take a page out of Tim's book and start my own blogging platform.

With Drew's help, I was able to get a simple and FREE webite going that I can embed soundcloud's player into and have a section for blogging! Now let's see if I can make any head way with recording...

spent some time getting guitars and bass for as much as I could. I think I have 14 songs this year. 4 are done with drums and need vocals.

Tonight will probably finish off guitars and bass. And then if I can marathon some drums tomorrow I can focus on vocals next week.

Defineitly up to 13 songs. Finished up all the guitars and bass. Tonight I will pull a marathon session of drums and have everything tracked.

I think the goal this year is to finish up as soon as possible so I can potentially helped anyone else that might need help.

Because I have been doing this since 2006, I have a lot of templates and techniques that I use to help me get through it a little more quickly.

Listened back to some of my mixes in mono and there are a few things I need to change. I like where this is starting to land and I can't wait to have the full albums worth to show

I had the drums set up and tested weeks ago. All of the songs are pretty easy and I had them practiced so recording in a five hour session was a peice of cake last night.

This year I used Logic Pro's native drum replacer to supplement my Kick and Snare. Just to make them a little more full.

Next up is vocals. I already did 5 songs but I have plenty of time so I might redo some parts here and there.